Photo of Gerhard Andlinger

Established by Gerhard Andlinger in 1976, Andlinger & Company, Inc. is a private investment and management firm focused on acquiring businesses with growth potential and building enduring profitability. Andlinger & Company works alongside these businesses to lead them into stronger, profitable leadership roles in their industry.

With offices on both sides of the Atlantic and 20 partners in Europe and the US, Andlinger & Company has global scope and expertise over four continents. Since its establishment, Andlinger & Company has successfully acquired over 100 companies in North America and Europe.

Andlinger & Company seeks out growth potential in companies or corporate divisions valued in the $20 million to $200+ million range. These opportunities fall in a wide range of businesses including manufacturing, services, Old and New Economy alike, family-owned business as well as public companies, operating and strategic divisions.

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